Report Abuse

If you have been the victim of any type of abuse by a minister, deacon, or individual representing the church or the ministry, no matter how long ago the abuse occurred, you can report it.

To file a report with the police, call 911. You may also call a non-emergency number of the jurisdiction in which the abuse occurred.

  1. Contact the appropriate law enforcement agency, which can help determine options for making a criminal complaint.

2. Contact a local child protection agency, a private attorney, a support group, an abuse hotline, or mental health professional.

3. Contact a diocesan or eparchial victim assistance coordinator who is available to help victims/survivors make a formal complaint of abuse. The Victim Assistance Coordinator is also available to arrange a personal meeting with the appropriate representative and to obtain support for the needs of the individual and families.

For help, healing, and response from the ministry/church, it is essential to contact the appropriate victim assistance coordinator. Contact the coordinator in the ministry/church where your abuse took place.